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This four session online course will provide staff with the practical knowledge and training needed to provide effective support for Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) across the primary and secondary phases of education.

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SLCN: Session One - Introduction to SLCN - £40.00 ex. VAT

Session One - Introduction to SLCN: This first (1 of 4) 90 minute interactive session will provide practitioner… …read more

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SLCN: Session Two: Links to Literacy - £40.00 ex. VAT

Session Two - Links to Literacy: This second (2 of 4) 90 minute SLCN session examines the impact of weak oral l… …read more

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SLCN: Session Three - Improving Vocabulary - £40.00 ex. VAT

Session 3 (3 of 4) - Improving Vocabulary: Vocabulary has a wide impact on curriculum attainment, social intera… …read more

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SLCN: Session Four - Extending Sentences - £40.00 ex. VAT

Session 4 (4 of 4) is a 90 minute session helping staff to understand the development of sentence-level skills. …read more

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SLCN: Sessions One to Four - £145.00 ex. VAT

Buy all 4 SLCN sessions and save £15. The 4 interactive sessions will provide practitioners with an understand… …read more

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