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Babcock's new range of digital resources is developed and written by our experienced advisers and educational consultants. By spending a majority of their time in schools, they incorporate their work and research in their content, ensuring high calibre, high value materials to meet the requirements of teachers and schools and in line with the changing education landscape.

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Yr 5/6: The Wolves of Carrumpaw by William Grill - £5.00 ex. VAT

The Wolves of Carrumpaw - Teaching sequence for: noun phrases including those with relative clauses, colons to … …read more

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KS1: Daisy Doodles by Michelle Robinson and Irene Dickson(Yr1) - £5.00 ex. VAT

Daisy Doodles - Teaching Sequence for: speech bubbles, joining words and clauses with 'and', alliteration with … …read more

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KS1: Ellsworth's Extraordinary Electric Ears by Valerie Fisher - £5.00 ex. VAT

Ellsworth's Extraordinary Ears - Teaching Sequence for: Nouns and noun phrases; adverbs; possessive apostrophe;… …read more

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Yr 3/4: Fantastically Great Women Who Changed The World by Kate Pankhurst - £5.00 ex. VAT

Fantastically Great Women Who Changed The World- Teaching sequence for: Expanded noun phrases; adverbials of ti… …read more

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Yr 3/4: Poetry Pie by Roger McGough - £5.00 ex. VAT

Poetry Pie- …read more

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Yr 5/6: Women in Science - 50 fearless pioneers who changed the world by Rachel Ignotofsky - £5.00 ex. VAT

Women in Science- Teaching sequence for: Consciousness through multi-clause sentences, adverbials, punctuation … …read more

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Yr 5/6: Is this a poem? What makes a poem and how YOU might write one by Roger Stevens - £5.00 ex. VAT

Is this a poem? - Teaching sequence for: syllables, metaphor, similie, commas, layout and form …read more

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One Year Babcock Education HR Subscription - £499.00 ex. VAT

The essential HR online resource for education establishments. …read more

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Conducting Investigations E-Learning - £25.00 ex. VAT

This online training course is intended for school or college leaders, managers or governors who are new to con… …read more

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