English Teaching Sequences:
Yr 5/6 - Non-Fiction

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Incredible Edibles - Teaching sequence for: synonyms, brackets, dashes, commas, revision of sentences, choice about audience and presentation

Harness children's passion for well-loved stories and curiosity for information to hone their writing skills. Our teaching sequences reduce planning time and meet the requirements of the National Curriculum, so you can focus on bringing out the best in your pupils.

The English teaching sequences are a series of suggested teaching and learning activities, designed to practise and consolidate learning. Firing imaginations, learning new techniques and bringing colour into the classroom, they incorporate ideas for stimulating, hands-on activities to develop reading, writing, speaking, listening and grammar skills.

With each sequence you'll get:

  • Planning ideas for a sequence of learning (2-4 weeks) based on a high quality suggested text that models effective and exciting writing
  • Clear links to National Curriculum objectives and suggested key learning outcomes
  • Focused grammar teaching ideas based on the core text, to enable pupils to practise skills in a lively and engaging context

Find out more at https://www.babcockldp.co.uk/improving-schools-settings/english/teaching-sequences

To download some free examples, visit the Babcock LDP English webpage: https://www.babcockldp.co.uk/improving-schools-settings/english/teaching-sequences/teaching-sequence-downloads

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