SLCN in the Primary and Secondary School
Session One: Introduction to SLCN

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Session One - Introduction to SLCN: This first (1 of 4) 90 minute interactive session will provide practitioners with an understanding of speech, language and communication development across the primary and secondary age range.

There will be opportunities to learn how to identify specific needs and to view relevant assessment tools. Links between language, attainment and behaviour will be explored. Finally, participants will be taught how to find and use evidence-based practice for high quality teaching, group intervention and individualised programmes of support.

Session One: £40 (ex. VAT)

These SLCN sessions have been developed and written by Babcock's experienced educational consultants, and provide staff with the practical knowledge and training needed to provide effective support for Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) across the primary and secondary phases of education.


Download all 4 SLCN Sessions for £145 ex VAT (Saving £15) BUY NOW!

Session One: Introduction to SLCN
Session Two: SLCN - Links to Literacy
Session Three: SLCN - Improving Vocabulary
Session Four: SLCN - Extending Sentences

The four SLCN sessions are interactive and focussed on practical outcomes. A full set of resources is included. The introductory trailer video should be viewed first. After that, participants can choose to take part in any of the four sessions on SLCN, or all of them for a higher skill base.

Before each session, please check the Session Pack in order to print out the Powerpoint PDF for the session, as well as the required tasks. A range of optional resources is also available, which can be saved or printed as required.

During the course, you may be asked to consult particular websites as part of a task. These are also in the session packs.

SLCN is currently the largest area of Special Educational Needs, and it has been increasing year on year. Research by the speech and language charity ICAN (2007) has identified that 50-80% of children starting in reception class have weak communication skills. A recent study discovered similar figures for pupils beginning secondary school (Spencer et al, 2012). Speech, language and communication have a significant impact on attainment, mental health, behaviour as well as the nation’s economic prosperity. Communication skills are prominent in the new National Curriculum for primary and secondary schools, and there is now an OFSTED judgement for how well communication skills are taught.

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