Six staff training sessions each lasting 1.5hrs

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This suite of materials has been written following several successful projects in schools led by English advisers from Babcock LDP. It supports a model of collective learning, which has been proven to have the greatest impact on both teachers and students.

A series of six sessions is provided, each written to last around an hour and a half, but trainers can choose to adapt this to best fit what time they have allocated to the programme.

Within the electronic ‘pack’ you will find the following:
•         6 detailed session plans/presenter notes (these include the subject knowledge needed to run training, links to further reading and a number of suggestions for adaptations)
•         PowerPoint presentations for each session
•         Photocopiable resource masters for the sessions
Plans all have common features: suggested timings, descriptions and explanations of activities and reference to resources required. Pre- and post-session tasks are provided, with the expectation that attendees will complete these in order to get the most out of each session.

Each begins with a ‘word warm-up’ to foster word consciousness and model activities worth doing with children; all end with a short activity to encourage reflection on what has been learned during the session.

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